Director General

Brigadier General Abdul Matheen Ahmed was born on 21st May 1963 and entered government service upon completion of his schooling in 1984, initially joining the Foreign Service at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
During his brief career at the Foreign Service till 1987, Brigadier General Matheen attained training at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration and the Institute of Secretariat Training and Management at India and was also assigned at the High Commission of Maldives in Sri Lanka.

Brigadier General Matheen joined the military service on 1st July 1987 as an enlisted soldier. He served through the ranks being commissioned as a Lieutenant on 1st April 1997 and was promoted to the rank of Colonel on 15th May 2012. During his military career Brigadier General Matheen served predominantly at the Ministry of Defence and National Security (MDNS) at various key appointments under several Defence Ministers and played a pivotal role in the establishment and expansion of protocol and foreign liaison affairs of the defence sector. Brigadier General Matheen over the years headed various departments of the Ministry including Procurement, Protocol, Administration and Welfare Sections. He also headed the Computer Section during its formative years. Among the key appointments held by Brigadier General Matheen include; Staff Officer to the Minister of Defence and National Security, Principal Director at the Directorate of Military Liaison and Principal Director for Foreign Liaison at the Directorate of International Defence Cooperation. Brigadier General Matheen also served as the resident Defence Advisor to India from 10th March 2012 to a duration of 03 years at the High Commission of Maldives in India. He is currently posted as the Principal Director of the Department of International Defence Cooperation and Policy at the Ministry of Defence and National Security of the Republic of Maldives.

Brigadier General Matheen also held various Staff and Command appointments at the Maldives National Defence Force concurrently to his postings at the Ministry, including as the Base Commander – Regional Headquarters L. Kadhdhoo, Base Commander – Detention Security Unit, Assistant Commanding Officer – Communications, Electronics and Information Technology Service, Assistant Commanding Officer and Deputy Commanding Officer – Ordnance Service. He also held various additional posts, especially playing a key role in the development of the Defence Force Cooperative. Key additional appointments held by Brigadier General Matheen during his career include; Director of Sifainge Ekuveri Kunfuni (former Defence Force Corporation), Chairman of the Management Committee of Sifainge Cooperative (Defence Force Cooperative), Vice President of the Sports and Recreation Club and Chairman of the MNDF Disciplinary Committee.

Brigadier General Matheen’s academic background is in Information Technology, where he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Computing from the University of Tasmania, Australia. He has also completed various additional trainings such as the Computer Machine Operator Course (USA), Programme Analyst Course (USA), American Language Course (USA), Administration Leadership Course (Maldives) and Personnel Management Course (Maldives).

During his over two decades in service has accomplished numerous service trainings locally and abroad as well, including the Demolition Cadre Course (Maldives), NCO Cadre Course (Maldives), Drill Instructor Course (Maldives), Signal Mid-Career Course (Pakistan), International Intelligence Basic Course (USA), International Defence Management Course (USA), Advance Security Cooperation Executive Course (USA), and Higher Defence Orientation Course (India).

Brigadier General Matheen has been decorated with over 14 service medals and ribbons in recognition of his valuable and dedicated service, including the Presidential Medal, Dedicated Service Medal, Defence Force Service Medal, Medal for Good Conduct, 3rd November Medal, Centenary Medal, Presidential Ribbon, Long Service Ribbon, Dedicated Service Ribbon, Defence Force Service Ribbon, Ribbon for Good Conduct, Special Service Ribbon, Ribbon for Achievement and Ribbon for Skill.

Brigadier General Abdul Matheen Ahmed is married to Nareemaan Faiz and is blessed with two sons, Ahmed Nashwan Abdul Matheen and Mohamed Zayyan Abdul Matheen.