The MNDF Coast Guard is tasked with the primary responsibility of defending and protecting the maritime zone and airspace of the Republic of Maldives. As the maritime security force of the MNDF, the Coast Guard performs a multitude of roles; primarily, that of a conventional navy. Additionally, it performs benign and constabulary roles, civil defence and response roles in times of maritime disasters and emergencies, as mandated by the Armed Forces Act (1/2008), international maritime law, and applicable national legislations. The Coast Guard also oversees all military air operations within the Maldivian airspace.

The Coast Guard executes its operational tasks within the ambit of the geographic Area Commands of the MNDF. Each area command is assigned a functional squadron as the Coast Guard component of the Area Command. These squadrons are raised, equipped, trained and deployed to fulfill the operational mandates of the Coast Guard within the Area of Responsibility (AOR) of each Area Command.


To defend the maritime zones and the airspace of the Republic of Maldives, protect and secure the Exclusive Economic Zone and maritime critical infrastructure of the Republic of Maldives, and rescue persons and property in distress at sea.