Soldier First Policy

Soldier First Policy is a ‘call to action’ launched by the Chief of Defence Force Major General Abdulla Shamaal and closely guided by the Honorable Minister of Defece Uza. Mariya Ahmed. Soldier First is an extension of CDF’s Command Philosophy and was launched in the Commanders’ Conference 2020.

Soldiers and Sailors of MNDF are integral to the Physical Component of MNDF’s defensive and fighting capability. Their training, grooming, discipline, welfare, administration, and leadership is paramount to successful mission completion. Soldier First is intended to instill in officers and all ranks of MNDF what and who an MNDF solider / sailor is supposed to be. It also serves as a reminder to all commanders and enlisted leaders of their responsibilities and obligations towards the men they command and lead.

The specific action points of Soldier First Policy serve as signposts for the overall physical, mental, and intellectual development, as well as administration of the soldiers and sailors of MNDF. All soldiers of MNDF are required to be physically fit and capable of performing their operational duties. Soldiers have to be professionally trained and educated, and provided the right weaponry, equipment and resources for the mission or task at hand.

MNDF soldiers are well disciplined and morally straight. They uphold the constitution and democratic institutions, respect, and abide by all rules and regulations and conduct themselves with dignity at all times. They respect their senior officers and leaders, their colleagues, and their subordinates. In and out of positions of leadership, they set personal examples and strive for the highest standards of military discipline.