Apart from military defence, the MNDF is also mandated with the civil defence responsibility. As such, the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) is the main service of the MNDF with the assigned role and responsibility of providing fire prevention and firefighting capabilities, urban technical rescue and other civil defence services needed to fulfill the mission of the MNDF.

The FRS executes its operational tasks within the ambit of the geographical Area Commands of the MNDF. Each Area Command has a component of FRS assigned to it as the civil defence component of the Area Command. These civil defence components under the Area Commands operate the fire departments and fire stations within the Area of Responsibility (AOR) of the respective Area Commands, thereby providing the civil defence services required to carry out the mandates of the Area Commands.


To protect and safeguard the people and their property from fire incidents at land and sea, natural disasters on land, and in technical rescues and hazardous material incidents, in order to fulfill the mission of the MNDF.