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Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Miraz Mohamed Fulhu is the Principal Director of Directorate of Military Intelligence (J2).
He has joined the Defence Force on 3rd September 1995 after finishing his London GCE A' Level.
During his 24 years career to date, he has served in various administrative and command positions. From 1995 to 2000 he has served as an administrative staff in the Ministry of Defence until he was transferred to E.M.E in the year 2000. From 2000 to 2005 he was appointed as the N.C.O. In-charge of the Electrical Engineering Department until he got promoted to the Platoon Commander post in the year 2005. He had then served at this post until 2007 when he was posted to the M.N.D.F Planning, Research and Development Wing as the Assistant Officer In-charge. He had carried out his dedicated service in this Wing until he was posted back to E.M.E. in the year 2008. He was appointed the post Platoon Commander of Electrical Engineering Department until he left to do his PhD in the year 2010. He had returned from his studies and started service again in the year 2014.
LTC. Dr. Miraz has completed a B-Tech Degree in Electrical Engineering from C.M.E Pune / India in 2007, Master of Engineering Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Curtin University of Technology / Australia in 2005 and his Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Canterbury / New Zealand in 2014.
During his career, he has taken part in 7 different Workshops / Seminars. As for his professional experience in the engineering field, he has worked as the engineer in the first pilot project launched to introduce Renewable Energy in the Maldives. He had also worked on installing solar street lights in an island in the Maldives, designed and installed a solar PV system in a diving dhoani and he had also worked in installing a 4-bay power distribution panel in K.Girifushi (one of the training centers in MNDF). He was also the Officer In-charge of the technical team that attended the Maldives Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) to reinstall electrical power at the site during a fire disaster that occurred in December 2014.
LTC. Dr. Miraz is happily married and blessed with two children.