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Brigadier General Mohamed Shareef joined MNDF on 27th February 1982, as a junior NCO and was commissioned on 21st April 1998.
During his 39 years of commissioned service he has served in various staff and command appointments. Prior to his current appointment, he was the Commanding Officer of Ordnance. Other appointments including Defence Attaché to the India, Commanding Officer of Fire and Rescue Service, Officer Commanding of Regional Headquarters, L. Kadhdhoo, Executive Officer of Ordnance Service, Deputy Commanding Officer of Airport Security Unit, Deputy Commanding Officer of Regional Headquarters–Hulhule’, Commanding Officer of Rapid Reaction Group 2, Deputy Commander of MNDF Southern Area, Commanding Officer of Ordnance Service, Commander of the MNDF Service Corps, Inspector General of MNDF, Commanding Officer of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and the Principal Director of the Department of International Defence Co-operation and Policy, Ministry of Defence and National Security.
Brigadier General Shareef has done various courses locally and abroad which includes Fire Fighting Sub-Officer Course, EOD Course and Higher Defence Orientation Course in India, Special Task Force Training, Body Guard Course and Body Guard Instructor Course in Maldives, Infantry Officer Basic Course, Infantry Mortar Leader Course in USA, Infantry Young Officers’ Course, Infantry Mid-Carrier Course, Command and Staff College in Pakistan.
Brigadier General Shareef loves sports and is an avid soccer fan. His is also a keen sports fisherman.
Brigadier General Shareef is married and blessed with three daughters.