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Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Fathimath Thahseena Ibrahim enlisted in the Maldivian National Defence Force on 13th August 2000 after completion of her higher secondary education. She was commissioned as a Lieutenant on 25th September 2008.
During her career to date she has served in various staff positions. Including the Chief of Training and Operations for the Medical Service, and deputy commander of Medical service of Maldives National Defence Force. She also served as Chief Instructor for both 7th and 8th Basic Field First Aid Course conducted by Defence Institute for Training and Education in 2009. She was President of Female Soldiers Committee from 2008 to 2012 and currently holds the post since 2019. Lieutenant Colonel Dr Thahseena has served as a member of the Medical Board and Safety Board of Maldives National Defence Force. At present she is a member of MNDF Welfare board.
Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Thahseena graduated cum laude from St.Petersburg State Medical Academy, Russia in June 2006, and completed MD Radiology in 2016 from Armed Forces Medical College,Pune India. She has also completed Diploma in Diving Medicine in September 2008.
Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Thahseena was the medical officer for the Minister of Defence and National Security on his official visit to China in 2009. She was also the Medical Officer for the “350” Campaign Cabinet Dive in 2009. Served as liaison officer for many dignitaries including spouse of Pakistan Naval Chief in 2018 and LO for president of Indian Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA), spouse of Indian Chief of Defence staff in 2019.
Lieutenant Colonel Dr.Thahseena is married to Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Shamin and has two children.