Given that 99.7% of the Republic of Maldives’ territory is made up of the ocean, the MNDF Marine Corps provides the crucial capability of operating as a deployable amphibious force. While the primary responsibility of the Marine Corps is to protect and defend the land area and critical infrastructure of the Republic of Maldives, it is also responsible for providing manpower for internal security and civil defence operations as and when required.

The Marine Corps executes its mandated tasks within the ambit of the geographic Area Commands of the MNDF. The Area Commands have marine deployment units (MDUs) assigned to them as the Marine Corps components of the Area Commands. The MDUs are equipped, trained, and manned to fulfill the operational mandates of the Marine Corps within the scope of the respective Area Commands.


To defend and safeguard the land territories of the Republic of Maldives, protect national critical infrastructure, and protect and secure the people in the event of disasters, in order to fulfill the mission of the MNDF.