An agreement has been signed upon to establish a harbor and a dockyard at Uthuru Thilafalhu

Updated: 21-02-2021, 14:20

An agreement has been signed to establish a harbor and a dockyard at UthuruThilafalhu which shall be used by MNDF Coastguard. A meeting was held at Ban’daara koshi where the agreement was signed by Minister of Defense Force Mariya Ahmed Didi and India’s External Affairs Minister, Dr S Jaishankaru.  MNDF Coastguard Commadant Colonel Mohamed Saleem spoke at the meeting held, highlighting benefits such a  facility would provide of a dream come true after ages. Benefits the dockyard to be be built at Sifavaru, Uthuru Thilafalhu comes many including saving time and money spent on transporting ships foreign places for repairs, being able to dock huge ships simultaneously as well as ease in conducting operations regarding human welfare and at times of incidents. Appointed minister by India to Maldives, Sanjay Sudheer participated in the ceremony alongside India’s External Affairs Minister.