MNDF Southern Area has provided assistance as bad weather impacts islands.

Updated: 29-03-2021, 16:53

Soldiers from MNDF Southern Area have been active in providing assistance to those who have suffered due to bad weather that continues in parts of Maldives. Roofs have blown and roads have flooded in parts of Addu city and Fuvahmulah city.

Soldiers have attended to 89 houses in Fuvahmulah city to prevent flooding while 5 homes were attended to clear out palm trees that have fallen due to strong winds. 3 islands from Addu City have suffered damage while soldiers have attended to repair 2 blown off roofs from homes in S.Feydhoo. Aid to S.Hithadhoo include repairing a roof at one home, clearing out fallen trees at 4 homes and prevention of flooding at 2 homes. Assistance was provided to a home in S.Maradhoo after a palm tree fell due to strong winds.

All regions of MNDF are providing assistance to those in need due to bad weather that continues throughout Maldives.