Fire incident at the Sea Star Oil Tank

Updated: 10-04-2021, 23:13

MNDF Coastguard Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC) received reports of a fire incident today at 17:50 at the “Sea Star” oil tanker traveling from Malé to L Atoll.

Incident took place 1.52 nautical miles southeast off of K. Enboodhoo Finolhu. MNDF Fire and Rescue’s launch arrived at the scene at 18:13 while the tanker capsized at 18:27 in the midst of firefighting.

The tanker sunken to depths of around 1000-1400 meters is yet to show signs of diesel leakage. Coastguard are on the constant lookout to assure no leakage and are in work with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to further look in to the matter if the incident might cause impact on the environment.