5 illegal fishing vessels detained by MNDF CGS Huravee

Updated: 29-04-2021, 11:00

CGS Huravee has detained 5 vessels which have been fishing illegally in Maldivian territorial waters. These vessels were spotted 30 nautical miles east of Meemu atoll and Vaavu atoll, while patrolling the Maldivian exclusive economic zones (EEZ).

At the time these vessels were spotted by CGS Huravee, they have been fishing by keeping a particular distance between each other. Due to this, CGS Huravee was able to detain these vessels yesterday, by dusk.

These trespassed vessels are now being escorted by CGS Huravee to the capital Male’ and is expected to reach by tomorrow afternoon. It’s known that there are 6 crew members in each vessel. This matter is now being investigated by related government authorities.