Trivia Challenge organized by MNDF Male’ Area has concluded.

Updated: 02-05-2021, 21:04

Trivia Challenge held by MNDF Male’ Area every year in light of the month of Ramadan has come to a conclusion.  

A ceremony was held to celebrate the conclusion of the challenge where the guest of honor, Commander of Male’ Area, Colonel Ahmed Giyas gave out medals and gifts to the prize winners.  

 6 components which represent Male’ Area, namely Coastguard Squadron, Male’ Area Fire Department, Marine Deployment Unit 1, Marine Deployment Unit 2, Marine Deployment Unit 3, and Marine Deployment Unit 4 took part in the challenge that was held through 25th-30th April.  

Questions at the challenge are based upon certain fields including Maritime Studies and Geography, Law and Regulations, Military Studies, Common Knowledge, Religious Knowledge, History of Maldives, MNDF History and its Code of Ethics and Conduct. In contrary to years past, restrictions of Covid19 meant that the challenge was held online where judges remained at Male’ Area Head Quarters and the participants answered questions remaining at bases they belong to.   

Ceremony held to mark the end of the trivia challenge was witnessed by Commander of Male’ Area as well as Leaders of MDU.