Seafarers to be cautious of the weather.

Updated: 27-05-2021, 16:26

Seafarers are advised to be cautious of the weather as the National Meteorological Center predicts stormy weather and rough seas (especially throughout northern and central Maldives) for the following 3 days as the effects of southwest monsoon increases.

Wind speeds up to 50kph are predicted and crewmen of ships docked out of the harbor are to care for their ships as reports have been received in days past following similar weather conditions. Stormy weather conditions have been known to drift ships docked out of the harbor, on to the reef.

Crewmen and captains of vessels are advised to be up to date with the latest weather reports and should verify the vessels they travel in are equipped with functional water pumps, safety equipment and communication systems. Cargo ships should not exceed the load limit and small vessels are advised not to travel during night or bad weather as it comprises safety. Vessels docked in and out of the harbor should be taken good care of.

Reports of incidents, without delay should be reported to the MNDF Coastguard toll free number 191.