MNDF Fire and Rescue service has conducted training exercises with Turntable Ladder used in Rescue Operations

Updated: 26-06-2021, 14:48

MNDF Fire and Rescue Services has conducted training exercises in Hulhumale’ with “Turntable Ladders” used in “Rescue Operations”

Chief of Defense Force Major General Abdullah Shamaal paid visit in inspecting the training drills conducted at the Hulhumale' Sifco Hiya flats from 13:00hrs to 16:00hrs today.

At the drills held, firefighters of MNDF Fire and Rescue Service showcased their skills in utilization of Turntable Ladders at “Rescue Operations” in fighting fires at high raised buildings.

Personnel attended in witnessing the drills included Commandant of FRS, Brigadier General Mohamed Shareef, Principal Director of FRS, Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Nadheem Ibrahim, Commander of FRS Male’ Fire Station, Major Ahmed Faaiz Rashadh, Command Sergeant Major of FRS, Command Sergeant Major Abdullah Junaidh and number of firefighters of MNDF.