MNDF releases music album in celebration of National Day

Updated: 07-10-2021, 08:00

MNDF in celebration of National Day has released National Song Album 1443.

The newly released album consists of 6 songs by artists including singers from MNDF as well as famous vocalists from Maldives. The songs in the album are namely, song of female soldiers, FRS in national service (FRS), servicemen at sea (Coast Guard), red army (Marine Corps), Fundament of the army (Service Corps), and (Medical Corps) for a healthful community.

Lyricists for the album released are Lieutenant Colonel Anwar Zahir, Command Sergeant Major Abdullah Saeed, Warrant Officer 3 Asim Rasheedh, Sergeant Ubaid Abdullah, and Private Mohamed Mahidh.

Music for the album was composed by audio engineers of Arts and Ceremonial Service, Lieutenant Colonel Ali Manik, Warrant Officer 1 Yoosuf Shimaz, Warrant Officer 1 Abdullah Ilham Ibrahim, Staff Sergeant Ibrahim Ashif, Private Moosa Kaleem, Private Ismail Yamaan, and Private Mohamed Mahidh. Video productions were made by Videography and Audio Visuals Department of Media and Publishing Service, Ahsharu Waheedh, and Warrant Officer 2 Ibrahim Ahmed.

All songs of the album are downloadable via the YouTube channel of MNDF.