MNDF Coast Guard aids a vessel grounded at the harbor of GDh.Vaadhoo

Updated: 06-11-2021, 23:20

A distress call was received at MNDF Coast Guard around 19:07hrs tonight (6th November 2021) from the cargo sea vessel named “Iskandharu”. Vessel measuring 100 feet in length had 6 person aboard and was attempting to enter the harbor of GDh.Vaadhoo when it stranded at the entrance. Followed by the report received, Coast Guard Squadron of MNDF Southern Area Command made it’s way to the vessel around 21:15hrs. Pumps were used at the vessel which was taking in water, which was refloated and docked at the harbor of GDh.Vaadhoo around 22:35hrs.

Although no one suffered any harm, the stranding impacted the bottom of the vessel with around 3 feet of damage.