15th serial of the trilateral exercise Dosti has commenced

Updated: 22-11-2021, 13:05

15th serial of the “Exercise Dosti” has been held today. This exercise was partaken by MNDF Coast Guard, Indian Coast Guard, and Sri Lankan Coast Guard.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the biennial exercise “Dosti”, which showcases the military cooperation between the three countries.

Guest of honor at the exercise held near Usfasgandu was Minister of Defence Uz Mariya Ahmed Didi. Attendees at the ceremony included Chief of Defence Force Major General Abdullah Shamaal, Vice Chief of Defence Force Brigadier General AbdulRaheem AbdulLatheef, Commandant of MNDF Coast Guard Colonel Mohamed Saleem, Additional Director General of Indian Coast Guard Virendra Singh Pathania, and Director General of Sri Lankan Coast Guard Rear Admiral Anura Ekanayake.

MNDF Coast Guard ship Shaheed Ali, Coast Guard Speedboat Nooradeen, Coast Guard Fast Interceptor Crafts, MNDF Fire and Rescue speedboat, MNDF Dornier Flight, as well as Indian Coast Guard Ship Vajra, Indian Coast Guard Ship Apoorva, and Sri Lankan Coast Guard Ship Suraksha took part in the trilateral exercise.

The first event to be showcased at the exercise was a joint boarding operation by the three countries. Boarding exercise based on an incident of piracy displayed interception of pirate vessels and additional measures to be taken.

Next in line was a demonstration of casualty evacuation where a patient from a landing craft was winched to a helicopter. This event was followed by a drill of emergency firefighting by the Sri Lankan Coast Guard Ship.

After the demonstration of wet winching a person at sea onto a helicopter, all vessels displayed an activity of steam-past while the aircrafts displayed the activity of fly-past concurrently. MNDF Helicopter and MNDF Dornier Flight took part in this activity.

Foreign adversaries, parliament members, seniors of government institutions, senior officers of MNDF, and several school students participated in spectating the 15th series of the exercise Dosti.