Coast Guard suspends search operation conducted to find the missing man from the drifting Sri Lankan fish boat

Updated: 10-01-2022, 15:32

MNDF Coast Guard has suspended the search operation held to find the missing crewmember of the capsized Sri Lankan fish boat.

Report of the capsized Sri Lankan fish boat was relayed to MNDF Coast Guard Maritime Rescue Coordination Center by Colombo Maritime Rescue Coordination Center on 7th January 2022.

MNDF Coast Guard initiated their search operation following report received from MRCC Colombo on 6th January 2022 of a crewmember who showed no sign after diving under the boat. Through the surface search conducted, MNDF Coast Guard were able to find the drifting boat on 9th January 2022. As Coast Guard divers found no one inside the capsized boat, MNDF Coast Guard suspended the search ongoing to find the missing crewmember. Suspension of the operation has now been informed to MRCC Colombo.

Any information regarding the matter is to be reported to the toll-free number of Coast Guard 191, or the phones 3395981 and 3398898. Fax can be forwarded to the number 3391665.