MNDF Southern Area Command lends aid to a person aboard a foreign cargo ship

Updated: 29-01-2022, 00:05

MNDF Southern Area Command has aided a man in critical condition aboard a foreign cargo ship.

Report of the man in critical condition aboard the Liberian cargo ship “True Champion” enroute from South Africa to Singapore was received at MNDF Southern Area Command around 16:53hrs on 28th of January. The foreign ship was traveling 235 nautical miles southwest of S.Gan.

With permission of related government authorities, the foreign boat traveled to a distance of 3 miles south of S.Gan, where the patient was transferred aboard Harbor Craft 105 of MNDF Southern Area Command Coast Guard Fourth Squadron which traveled to the area along with a team of doctors. The patient was evacuated to S.Hithadhoo around 11:20hrs and was taken to Addu Equatorial Hospital via ambulance. The person in critical condition was suffering from “Hepatitis with Hyperbilirubinemia”.