MNDF has held a Weekend with MNDF program for the staff of MIB

Updated: 26-02-2022, 21:23

A “Weekend with MNDF” program has been held for the staff of Maldives Islamic Bank (MIB) in providing opportunities to further enhance leadership skills.

Guests of Honor at the ceremony held to mark the closing of the program held on 26th February was Commanding Officer of MNDF College of Defence and Security Studies, Brigadier General Wais Waheed and acting CEO of Maldives Islamic Bank, Ahmed Riza.

Topics relayed in the program include close combat, functional leadership, command tasks, time management, obstacle course, and exercises.

Personnel of MNDF working in different fields acted as lecturers and instructors at the program partaken by 32 employees of MIB.

MNDF has held several “Weekend with MNDF” programs for government authorities, public companies, and organizations.

Attendees at the closing ceremony of the program included officers of MNDF College of Defence and Security Studies, seniors of MIB, and the participants as well as the instructors of the program.