MNDF Male Area Command has conducted a fire awareness program in K.Huraa

Updated: 25-02-2023, 23:00

MNDF Male’ Area Command has conducted a “Fire Awareness Program” in K.Huraa to promote awareness in preventing fire incidents.

Information and skill required in preventing fire incidents were conveyed at the program including causes of fire, proper ways to respond in case of fire incidents, and the use of fire extinguishers as well as fire blankets. Practical sessions held as part of the program included connecting and disconnecting the regulator to the gas cylinder and the how to respond incase of gas leakage.

A total of 143 from K.Huraa took part in the program including 55 school students and 88 people from the island.

Instructors of MNDF Fire and Rescue Service experienced in the field acted as instructors at the program.